What for ?

After the many demonstrations in order to put an end to all forms of violence against minorities it seems necessary to be able to express oneself freely, and therefore this is our way of dealing with this societal problem.

How ?

The key word here is the word TOLERANCE, many causes are to be defended and are defended nowadays. However, one problem persists. It is the intolerance that some people who defend their cause show towards other minorities. Many new ideas are being brought to the fore thanks to the growth of new media and the accessibility of these.
This is why with our means we decided to create a capsule collection which will have TOLERANCE as its main line, indeed lifestyle is a very effective and global means of communication. Each ethnic group has its own code and undermines it is a very powerful symbol when there are messages to get across.



The BLACK LIVE MATTER movement is one of the successor movements of the Black Panther and of this desire to end the oppression of the White Man.
Following the very recent COVID 19 pandemic, sign language has been brought back to the fore.
Very often forgotten as a language, it seems essential and necessary to put this language forward.


The word TOLERANCE is the key word of this project.
It was decided to represent him here with an aesthetic approaching a style of African calligraphy.
The O is placed in the center in order to note the uniqueness side.


True international symbol of freedom and guide, designed by Gustave Eiffel and sculpted by Auguste Bartholdi.
Representing the alliance of France with the USA, this statue has become the Woman guiding the peoples towards their freedom.
The torch is here the symbol of the guide. Like the lighthouses that kept boats from running aground.
The book is the symbol of knowledge.

Here for the project, the intention was to mix the aestheticism of the flame by using the famous gestures of NFL footballer Colin Kaepernick and his knees on the ground in protest against police violence. And to add a raised arm and fist like the famous African-American sportsmen did during the 1968 Mexico Olympics.



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